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hotpiiinkfitnesss-deactivated20 asked: I just read your about me thing and you said you have been anemic before. I've had a few people telling me that for certain reasons, I may be anemic. Could you tell me likee, how you knew? Did you have any symptoms of it or did you just go to the doctor and they said you were?


Um I started to hate red meat.. a lot, and i wouldnt eat anything else but chicken and fish, which was rare and I neglected a lot of food because i was so busy, or i was just to picky. I never noticed weight loss or gain but my legs started to bruise really easily and i thought it was funny because a friend was like wtf is wrong with you, and thought i was just clumsy.. but then it got worse and worse, and they would take like a few weeks to go away, and then i noticed i was never feeling good, always tired and weak, very pail and cold hands, i guess it was because my body wasn’t producing enough red blood cells. At the time i was seeing an acupuncturist and she noticed all the bruised and then asked me how i felt on a regularĀ  basis and what my nutrition was, and she said i was anemic and i needed to make changes in my diet.. I hope that helps!

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=) Moiiiiiii